Hydrafoot cream - repairs dry, chapped feet!

Hydrafoot was specially formulated to moisturize and smooth the hard and thick skin
on the feet which often gets neglected. The lack of care for the feet makes
them extra dry. Dry feet can lead to visual discomfort, but not only...

Super- concentrated formula

This foot cream is designed to bring your feet back to better shape and smooth skin. The formula is really strong and concentrated. The cream provides hydration deep into the skin and leave the feet super soft and smooth.

Deep moisture

The cream moisturizes and exfoliates the feet all thanks to the emollient ingredients. The formula actively replenishes moisture deep below the surface of the skin and it promotes better and visibly smoother skin.

Powerful formula

The cream contains powerful ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, peppermint, and other moisturizing ingredients. All elements work great together and they hydrate the skin from within without feeling oily or greasy.



Peppermint oil - it effectively invigorates tired and dry feet. Peppermint helps keep the feet bacteria-free and reduces unwanted aroma.

Aloe vera - hydrates and soothes even the driest skin. Aloe vera is widely known for its calming and soothing properties.

Vitamin E- helps improve the appearance of the skin and protects feet. Vitamin E helps the skin retain more moisture.


About our product

  1. Pleasant, subtle scent

  2. Fragrance and oil free formula

  3. Combines powerful ingredients

  4. Enhanced with exfoliating properties

  5. Formulated to hydrate dry and chapped feet

Price: € 32

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